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So glad you found my little space! I'm Anna. I'm married to my husband, Luke, and we are enjoying the newlywed life. I work as a mental health counselor and I also love public speaking and writing! While there are many things I enjoy, my ultimate passion is health & holiness. We are holistic & complex people and as I continue on my journey, I want to help you pursue mental, spiritual, physical health, and holiness. I want this space to be for you to gain tools and learn new truths about three things:

 - mental & emotional health

 - Jesus as your creator, and you as His creation

 - physical health when it comes to the things we put in and on our bodies

To be holy is to be set apart and to imitate Christ. When we pursue holistic health & holiness we experience joy & freedom & we are more equipped to face the deep challenges in life. So, let's do it together, let's be healthy & holy!

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